Flipper Settings Menu Missing?

Greetings all,
On the documentation there is a reference to the settings menu,

and I am unable to locate it anywhere. I am using the latest OEM firmware 0.100.3 03-04-2024.
Was this option taken out at some time and the user reference material never updated or am I doing something wrong?

The last time I’ve ended it (yesterday) to turn BT on, it was there as always. Just click the middle button and select ‘settings’.

This may does not work if you have put other apps on the buttons. As I never did this, I don’t know if all buttons could be modified for other actions than ‘open main menu’.

Here is the proof in GitHub: flipperzero-firmware/applications/settings at dev · flipperdevices/flipperzero-firmware · GitHub

Edit: Up/down was wrong.
Edit2: it may behave different in dummy mode: Controls - Flipper Zero - Documentation

@LupusE Thanks for the simple answer for the noob question. I can’t believe I forgot to click the “OK” button from the main screen! Stuck on browsing apps and folders I completely forgot this basic step. Please feel free to take this down unless there are people as brain-dead as me on here :slight_smile:

No problem at all. Indeed it is refreshing to read a question without intends to illegal activities, lately.

One hint for the next time: The screenshot is somewhat hard to read on mobile. Please add the link to the page as reference.