Flipper stays on Mad screen

I have done a hard reset of the device, I have updated it, I have done everything and it is stuck on the angry screen or just the dolphin watching tv. I can’t find the symbol anywhere.

Do you use it? Emotional state changes while you use it for reading/writing/emulation. So it might get angry if you don’t.
If you want to reset emo state - you could try an app called “smack my dolphin” - this will reset current level progress and emo state.
Oh, and if you just can’t exit dummy mode - press up button and select “default” mode

Your Flipper is board and angry. You probably don’t use it enough. It’s a points system where each type of activity gets a certain number of points. The number of points you can accumulate on any given day for a certain activity is capped so multiple different types of activities are required to optimize points. Points get you new levels. You don’t have to maximize points each day to keep Flipper happy but you do need to build some points on a regular basis to get the happy screens. New levels unlock new animations.

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That is what you get for neglecting and ignoring your dolphin for to long, it needs attention, love , care. How would you feel if I would kept you locked in a drawer all day?

It’s not a tool, it is a sentient self aware dolphin, give it some respect and playtime like it deserves.

Once you unlock level 6 , get past the dragon chest and obtain the skull key, you will be amazed by the features that will be unlocked.

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Just hack it.