Flipper stolen when caught by surprise

So the thing is capable of doing just about anything but including being found when lost stolen or misplaced, undoubtedly I truly feel as if this is not true and not only is it trackable everything done on one of those is stored by it owns little file somewhere, obviously somewhere by someone who doesn’t want it’s users to know … .any way enough of that how about let’s help the community of honest flipper zero owners sleep more sound knowing some idiot isnt going to be able to steal are flipper that cost a healthy couple hundred bucks and then the 100s of hours spent blazimg a screen reading info. Uploading , downloading , zip un zip well y’all get it it’s something that take time and dedication to begin to understand and actually work. So my Flipper name. That was stolen Breah. SN/ BA439E0027E18000. Please at some point for any one to use it they will have to update it and what comes with a update they Mac address used when they try and log on with it. Idk seems like pentesters and geeks cool as programers gamers red team blue team shoot help me find this please .

So, the question rises, who knew you had one, who knew what it was ? Most boomers ignore these toys so, someone must at least seen a tiktok about it before thinking about stealing one. Then where did you lose it, is it a place where people commonly return? Did you have Bluetooth enabled? So you can look for bt devices ? If it is at a workplace where computers are shared for example, you could check registry for past usb device id’s left in history etc (windows machines). But someone stealing it and finding out about it now is prolly also reading this now, so GL with those tips now :slight_smile: Then again, not every user is paranoid, and if someone found it and you lost it, if you see people around suddenly openly playing with it, that could be a good hint :slight_smile: Also check local used product marketplaces online, maybe someone does not have a clue what to do with it, and might be trying to sell it?

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Thanks I will try these ideas , idk I think after all these programmers have made apps for to do everything you want but finding one that is lost lol :sob: idk but I really wish I really wish I knew how to make an app like that.