Flipper turned off after dfu update and won't turn back on

Hello I was messing around with my flipperzero that i just bought and i noticed it kept letting me know the software was out of date and that i should update. context it was made sometime in 2022 and i bought it like a week ago from the site. it worked perfectly fine and other than the update and the no sd card reminders i was enjoying it. So i went to update it. I knew i didn’t have a micro sd card but i did have my computer and i am fairly certain you can update the device without an sd card because i have seen it in a few youtube videos. anyways so i booted up my arch linux computer and downloaded the flatpak for qflipper from bauh (arch package downloader) opened the app and everything was working great. went ahead and but the device in dfu mode and then plugged it fully into the computer. it didn’t register the flipper at first so i closed the app and reopened it and it worked and everything loaded up. so i clicked repair and waited. then i got an error that i don’t remember what it said. waited for a bit and then tried turning on the device and it did’t work. then i tried all the [combos] and that didn’t do anything. then i downloaded the update and went through that process and that failed. tried downloading the git like it said and usb flashing it and that also failed. then i tried arduino which i probably did wrong and that failed. So finally i tried seeing if it was dead and that didn’t really seen like a possibility because i plugged the wifi dev board you can buy seperately into the device and those leds worked and i could reset that and connect to the ap and do all those things. so can someone please help me figure this out. I would not like this money to go to waste and i really looked foward to this.

summary: flipper needed update but i had no micro sd card. decided to boot into my main computer arch linux and go through the process of updating it in the qflipper (appimage) while in dfu mode and this failed and will no longer turn on. the device it self “works” as in the wifi board attached works and the device is registered by the app but the leds and lcd dispay do not work. I am lost and have tried almost everything i can thing of.

(flipperzero-firmware/KeyCombo.md at dev · flipperdevices/flipperzero-firmware · GitHub)

Hi! Can you try running qFlipper as root (via sudo) and follow the recovery procedure? If qFlipper shows any errors, please take a screenshot and post it here.

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All programs run as the root on my computer. But I figured it out thanks to a post on here it just was for windows so I converted the fix into something for arch linux to run and that worked.

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Mind sharing what helped?

My flipper do recovery by it self or it shows blue recovery instead of the normal green update bottom