Flipper will not Read my HID RFID Cards

I can’t seem to get the Flipper RFID reader to read the RFID cards we use in my building, they are HID ISOProx II cards. I’m pretty sure they are 33 bit and I know 100% they are for a DSX access control system. The Flipper acts like it wants to read the card, because I can see the blue light flashing like it recognizes a RFID Card is present, and I don’t see this blue light activity when I move the Flipper away from the RFID card, but it just simply will not read the card. The NFC works just fine, I can read my Credit Cards, My Passport, and other NFC devices so I don’t think this is a hardware issue… any idea if these HID RFID cards will be supported on Flipper, Including a Screenshot of the RFID Badges I’m talking about


@zhovner any idea if these cards will be supported in the future?

also wondering about this.
i haven’t been able to read what i thought would be a simple key card.

For now it only reads 26 bit for HID. Just buy a Keysy it’s $50 and you can copy all LF fobs including all HID LF.

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^^ This. D10202 is a 33 bit format. Only 26 bit appears to be supported right now. :frowning:

I’m having the same difficulties. Have tried 4 different HID cards and can’t even get a read off any of them. They’re all working/active so not sure. Tried it first fresh out of the box, later updated firmware thinking maybe that was it but still nothing. Any insight would be appreciated - thanks

We’re working on RFID RAW right now, after it’s done you’ll be able to send us a dump of your card signal to analyze and implement.


Is it possible to add RFID emulation for 33 bit?
Assuming I know my facility code (usually 17) and card number, could be nice to have option to add it manually.

Yes. Right after we finish RFID RAW.


I’m also not able to scan cards or fobs. Is my device defective? Zoe from support said to post here first and ask for assistance from developer- is there one in this thread?

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Are you unable to scan any cards, or just HID ones? If the former, please start a new thread, as this one is about HID cards only

I’ve got a variety of HID Prox round FOBs, two of which read intermittently, one won’t read at all but work fine on the door scanners, as well as a variety of the traditional HID badges.

I can read other cards just fine, and the HID card I did manage to read I can emulate as well.

Looking forward to the RAW mode. If you need me to try to capture anything raw nearby I can with my HackRF.

@Astra any way we can help implementing to speed it up?
So is it stuck at nobody is working on it right now or it just takes more time?

Our RFID dev has been working in this non-stop for the last 2 months, and the reason it takes so long is that it required a full re-write of the RFID subsystem, and the tuning of RAW recording/replay is really fiddly as well. You can’t do anything to make it faster (though you can watch the progress made on github in the lfrfid-overhaul branch), but we’re working on it, it’s not on hold

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Alright, thanks!
Let us know if we can help in some way.

Are there any plans to support 35 bit HID cards in the future? HID analyzer reports that for my work badge. Also, is that supported by the hardware?

Yes, all types of HID cards will be supported, including 35 bit ones


this apply’s to the hid proxy key 3 the thob vertion just guesing i think it dosent work becuse of ther large maxamimum storage of arrond 80 bites witch might be why

Not sure about this one. You can update to the latest release firmware version and try reading it, as those changes have recently been finished

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I’m on RC 0.66 and I’m still not able to scan my HID RFID cards. Are there certain types of HID cards that are not yet supported?