Flipper won’t turn on/charge after the battery ran out

So my Flipper zero ran out of battery and I’m now trying to charge it using a USB cord running 0.5 A is this enough or should I use a different thing?

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I often charge mine from a computer USB port which runs at 0.5A so that should be enough power. Verify the cable is working if possible using a different device or use a different cable. If the Flipper continues to not recharge you could try a reboot before attempting to recharge again. Make sure the Flipper is unplugged before attempting the reboot procedure. Then try plugging it in again after the reboot procedure. If the battery is very low or dead you might not get and indication of the reboot. To be safe hold the buttons down for around 15 seconds.

Normal reboot

The key combination
LEFT + BACK hardware restarts the processor and performs a normal reboot. Even when the operating system does not respond, the hardware restart will still work.

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You can also hold just the BACK button for 30s, that will cause a hard-reboot (physically disconnect and reconnect the power circuit). The Flipper also has to be unplugged to perform this.

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Thank you guys so much it’s working perfectly now


That’s great!