Flipper won't turn on

I got my flipper zero this morning and it has been working somewhat good. Had some trouble with the updating. During my last update my flipper zero’s screen turned off and has been unresponsive after. Plugged it into the pc hoping I can do a factory reset with the qflipper and the pc doesn’t recognize it. Please if somebody has a solution share it with me.
God bless.

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Try “Reboot with hotkeys” first. Make sure it’s unplugged then hold the back button and left button for around 5 seconds. Whatever the problem this is a good first step to try and resolve the issue.

Next I recommend making sure the battery is properly charged. Plug it in and let it charge for a while. After that try to turn it on by holding the Back button.

If it still isn’t working you can try removing the SD card and “reboot with hotkeys” again.

If it still isn’t working go to this link.