Flipper zero BAD advertizment :

Just want you guys to know that i’m not very happy/don’t like some stuff about the way flipper zero is advertized by the team that created it.

Some points :


Many videos from Flipper Zero official sources show flipper doing stuff that is NOT ALLOWED in official firmware (claimed to be illegal stuff). If Flipper team do want to make a point that flipper firmware shouldn’t cointain illegal stuff like brute forcing, then PLEASE don’t advertize flipper as a tool to do such things and show videos using flipper with non-official firmware not supported here.

People need to have good sense, if things are not even allowed here because it’s considered illegal then please don’t advertize flipper as capable of doing those things, it’s not fair that it’s not allowed to discuss (to avoid trouble with law, etc…) but it’s ok to advertize to make people want/buy flipper …

2 - Don’t like the way flipper is advertized as a kids toy to mess up with stuff on school, play trciks, etc … this most likely it’s to gain atention of younger public to sell more but flipper should be considered a powerfull tool for people who know what they are doing and not to have random kids playing tricks with it. This is not going to end up good.~~~
As soon as this gets intro the media/tv/newspapers of people doing nasty stuff using flipper (like opening other one locks/garages, etc …) it will be regulated/banned at least on EU very fast …

For one side i understand that flipper team needs attention to get to sell flipper but it would be better to act like the guys who sold hackrf, pawnda, etc …and consider a Flipper as a diagnostic/test tool instead of a toy/hacker tool for anyone to buy and get a huge amount of attention that might be good at first (to sell a lot more) but will FOR SURE end up as very bad when negative side of this (consequences of using flipper by kids to hack stuff that they don’t own) gets intro the news …


Are you sure it is the same team?
The first sentence in the description is: (This Channel is unofficial).
Even if it is content from the flipper team, it should considered as ‘playground’. A lot of folks posts videos of ‘what else can I do’, that would not be covered by the warranty as ‘used as purposed’. Sometimes dangerous, sometimes funny, sometimes idiotic…

I know we went to a society of talking more about what of, when not, than discuss a real issue.
I don’t think an unofficial YouTube channel will bring down the flipper. This will be done by the amount of users, fast enough.
Maybe this channel can even be inspiration for those who want to learn what could be made. To use just an unofficial firmware to archive what is done in a video is not all. We both at least should know, of someone in US opens a Tesla charging pod, this won’t work in EU. But if I see it works, I can dig deeper and understand why the frequencies are different, but the protocol is the same. Some kind of education, even if Tesla most likely won’t be happy …

In worst case, Elon Musk buys Flipper Devices Inc… than there will be official firmware for 8$, so we are depending on illegal unofficial forks.
But I lost focus in the problem.

it says in the description This channel is unofficial

also even if it was official its not something that actually matters. the flipper official firmware follows all laws and regulations respective to country. there is nothing in the default firmware that allows you to do things like brute forcing low frequency rfid. they cant ban something that has the ability to do something just the act itself. if that were the case we’d not have computers and proxmarks and hackrfs.

TLDR; its a fake account and it doesn’t matter anyway

EDIT to add: i really feel like you should really do like 5 seconds of research before making a long winded post about how objectionable the flipper team’s actions are especially considering this has nothing to do with them

My “problem” is not with just that youtube channel but with the way flipper is advertized on youtube in general and even on official promo/demo videos and ticktock, etc … aa a hacking tool or device for hackers when one can see people using flipper to mess with someone else devices.

Under UE law one thing is a weapon or something that only serves the intent of be used as a weapon and another is something that someone re-purpose as a weapon. Example are expandable batoons, one can’t get one on EU as it’s considered class F weapon but one can get a big wrench and do the same with it (hit someone) because the 2nd one is a tool ((even if someone use it wrong).

If the only objective of flipper is doing less legal stuff and if it doesn’t serve any other objective (not advertized for example as a digital wallet for a user to keep all his credentials that are digital, etc…) there might be issues when selling this under UE.

But i do already have mine and i do intend to buy a spare one or two just in case they are made illegal at some point in the future …

Just me but i think it should be more discrete like hackrf that is not advertized at all and only known inside the tech guys who pen test RF …

Flipper is advertized like a toy for kids as well, it would be as advertizing weapon for kids to use … doesn’t like the way it’s advertized/demos on youtube, etc … but it’s just what i think.

Once again i already have mine so no big deal if you guys don’t agree and like the way things are.