Flipper zero content?

I’m an editor and I got my flipper about a week ago, I’m interested about making content for the flipper.
What content are you guys looking for?

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A common question is how do I re-synchronize my key fob to my car? Many people are de-synchronizing them by accident. A word of caution about not using the Flipper on your car along with instructions to fix the issue may be good.

Depend from car vto car and it’s not a thing that you can implement on flipper (re-sync original key that lost sync). Majority of time just place original key in ignition, turn on key but NOT engine and press for some time a key on the keyfob. This should re-sync majority ok keyfobs.

Neat BadUSB tricks.

README files on how to make our own music, games, and badUSB scripts.