Flipper Zero - Do not decode IR signals

Hi folks. I have a tablet that can emit out IR signals. I have an app where the raw IR data can be entered and it will be emitted out by the tablet.
In many cases, I can obtain the raw data after recording the signals through flipper. However, in some cases, flipper gives the parsed data.
Is it possible to set a setting such that filpper never parses the data and always gives the raw output?

I don’t have the latest firmware, because of some NFC, maybe it has changed meanwhile.
But if You go to ‘Settings - System - Debug < ON’, there should be a new menu entry ‘Infrared - Learn New Remote RAW’.

But this will disable the power saving mode, so your Flipper will be empty much faster. See 1 Month Battery Life with Firmware Update

In addition, the Flipper does only CIR, no IRDA. So you can transfer only IR buttons, no date stream.

Hi. Thanks for the quick reply.
I updated Flipper to the latest version. Then, I enabled the Debug mode.
After this, I went inside “Infrared”. The only new menu that I saw was ‘Debug’. I did not see the menu ‘Learn New Remote RAW’.
The firmware that I am using is 0.96.1

It doesn’t seem to be an option on the official firmware but it is on other versions. If you want to stick with the original firmware another option is to use the command line interface to read raw IR signals. This is usually done by connecting the Flipper to a computer and using a program like putty.