Flipper zero is Broken doesn't work

Hello, my flipper zero is broken, it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work, I should get in touch here because I would like to receive a refund from joom, I asked me to write here, can you help me with that?

Please have a look at the following advice.

This category is intended for troubleshooting problems that can happen to the Flipper Zero. Before posting, please verify that you are running the latest official firmware (https://update.flipperzero.one ). In your post, please include as much information about the issue as possible, with the video recording of the problem if applicable.

Have you went through any troubleshooting steps?
How is it not working?
What does it do?
Does it charge?
Did you install a micro SD card?
Did you update the firmware?

Hello, my flipper zero that I bought from joom is defective, it doesn’t work so that you can hardly do anything with the device

It won’t turn on !!

I would like my money refunded from the seller, I am not satisfied.

It doesn’t charge

Tried it with the power plug failed

Nothing is happening !!!

I’m dissatisfied!!

Hi! How are you turning it on? If the regular procedure doesn’t work, please try disconnecting the power cable and then holding the “BACK” button for 35 seconds. This will cause a full reset of the device and it should turn back on. Please record a video of you doing that and post it here (or send it to me in DMs), so that I can help you if you’re doing something wrong.

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They promised me a refund, but for this to happen, I should contact you here and describe my problem, which I have already done several times at joom.

That’s been going back and forth all the time, I’m asking for my money back because their side was sent to me a defective device.!!

To get this, I should post a post so that I can be helped…

I ask you how to get ahead with a defective device as not even concerned.

By post, the specialists should allegedly confirm to me that there is no other way and joom then confirms my complaint

I’m so angry because I’m starting to run out of patience, they could help me so that I can finally get my money back.!!

Best regards

We’ve helped other people with this problem. You would be better off going through the troubleshooting steps Astra laid out in the post above. Flippers unobtainium right now. You were extremely lucky to get one. If you don’t like it afterward toss it on eBay and you will get more then you paid for it anyway.

Yes, and I’m trying to confirm that the device indeed is broken. Please, follow the steps in my previous post, and send the video here or in my DMs so that we could verify that you’re not missing anything.

I genuinely want to help you as quickly as possible, but to do that I need your cooperation.

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I can’t send the video this information comes on my phone when I would post the video to you why ???

The video file isn’t directly supported by this forum. You can upload it to any cloud storage (google drive, dropbox, etc.) and share it from there to here via a link.

Okay here is the video link:

Joom Order number : G3LXX82D

You didn’t follow my instructions correctly. Please disconnect the power cable and hold only the BACK button (without the LEFT button) for 35 seconds.

Here is the video:

Didn’t work no reactions

Joom order number: G3LXX82D

I hope the video clarifies that it doesn’t work

Thank you! I can see now that the device is indeed not working as it should.

Please email [email protected], tell them that your device doesn’t work, and include a link to this forum thread (Flipper zero is Broken doesn't work). They will further help you with your refund.

Hello Guys, I ordered an FlipperZ from Joom and like the other guy my Flipper won’t charge.It was damaged during Delivery. I made like thousands of Videos for Joom and uploaded them to YouTube. In the FINAL Video you can CLEARLY see that it’s BROKEN AND WONT TURN ON(even after like 6minutes on the charger and multiple different try’s). I wrote hundred fucking Times with Jooms Support team. And after they said:” Yes bro… it’s broken” they said I need to write YOU guys,so some of YOU can say AGAIN that it is broken. WHY? WELL I DONT FUCKING KNOW?! So… before I get seizures or some shit…can you please help me to get my Money back? I wrote Astra already on private without response. I’ll link you the Video from my YouTube. I really hope you can help me out friends because I need to pay like 210€ with Klarna for a broken product and i don’t got any Money…

Video: ( Joom send me broken product but took my Money !!! - YouTube )
Joom Nr: 7QWDGG5N

Thank you very much :slight_smile:
All the best,
Tim Schulz

Hello. Please follow the same procedures as in those posts:

In your video the Flipper is constantly connected to the power cable, and therefore can’t perform a proper reset.

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Hello, I can’t turn on my Flipper zero. When I plug in the USB cable nothing happens, doesn’t turn on or charge. The device is new and has not yet been used.

I did it like in the Astra instructions, but it still doesn’t work.

I bought the device from Joom and was told that I had to contact them here so that they could confirm that the Pinball Zero was defective.


Joom nr. X8M67N55