Flipper Zero marked as "Delivered" but actually not (USPS)

Good day.
My order was marked Delivered (Nov 23, 2023) but actually not (It’s now Dec 5)
(USPS says Delivered in/at Mailbox but I have no mailbox)
The package needs to be received and signed after delivery as proof, right?

I already filed a support ticket at Flipper Zero but still no reply (Support ID # #10781)
What do I do?

USPS often marks “Delivered in/at Mailbox” when something was placed somewhere else like by your door. Some carriers are lazy or careless and the check the wrong box. You need to contact USPS as soon as possible to see what actually happened well someone might still remember. I have had USPS place items in a lot of strange places including behind my garbage cans but I suspect they delivered it to the wrong address entirely. I don’t remember if Flipper insures packages but see if insurance was mentioned anywhere in your order details.

The USPS in Placerville, Ca. is known to have workers steal packages and it is well documented. I’m sure it is more than just that post office too…

My only solution was to get a private mailbox at the UPS store which logs every package received. So when they try to lie and say they delivered I have proof they did not.

Used to happen on about 1 out of 5 packages, but now with the private mail box (PMB) it only happened once and I had documentation proving it was never delivered to the attendant.

Got a replacement from the vender, they shipped via UPS on the replacement!

The UPS store PMB costs me a little of $200 / year

With the return address on package saying “Flipper Zero” it makes the USPS thieving employees know what to grab :rage:

They say “Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.” Believe me I know the stupidity with USPS. I’ll give you a recent example. I complained about my neighbors mail getting delivered to me. It happened several days in a row. The mail lady saw me walk to my mailbox and she stopped. She asked if I was sure it happened on the days I said because she delivered those days and she “double checked”. To prove she knew what she was doing she fanned through my mail and “double checked” before handing it to me. She rushed off before I could look myself though. As you’ve probably guessed there were pieces of my neighbors mail in there. I’ve also found mail tossed in my driveway and inexplicably placed behind my garbage can alongside my house. I didn’t find that one till I went to the garbage can to take out some garbage. It’s probably 20 feet from my door.

I’m not saying your mail hasn’t been stolen but that shouldn’t be your first assumption. I’ve had issues with other shipping services as well and it’s not that unusual for packages to get delivered wrong. I’ve had neighbors bring my UPS package to me and just a few months ago they delivered one to my neighbors that my wife had to get. Last week the Local Facebook group was playing a game of where’s my Amazon package. Luckily they take a picture. A guy recognized the porch and retrieved it for the intended recipient.

Lawtuber Steve Lehto had his Saturday mail delivered to an unused garbage can for over a month before the mailman realized it wasn’t a mailbox. It was built into a wall that’s in front of his law office. I wish I could remember the video number so I could link it. He has many other messed up USPS stories. Frankly it’s a heck of an assumption that a mail person even knows what a Flipper is let alone that they stole it. The Flipper isn’t that well known unless you’re part of the tech crowd.