Flipper zero noy emulating NFC

My flipper doesn’t emulate. when I use it to pay a credit card the machine says error.
any idea what it can mean?


This means you can’t emulate a Credit Card.

The Credit Card got a NFC party and if you read it, the firmware of the Flipper says something like ‘this is dumb, don’t do this’. Or just can’t save it.

If you use an older OFW, please upgrade. If you use a CFW: no support I’m this forum.

Even if you could save the NFC part, because you are a skilled hacker, behind this is the SE (Secure Element) on the card. Means you give a string as input, the clever card does some eliptic magic and respond with another string … you can not copy this part. At least not with your toys at home.

And even you are more skilled than I thought, you should not get a denial from a reader. Most companies and banks are not happy, if someone messing with their stuff.
Even if it is ‘your Credit Card’, you don’t own it, the bank grant you the permission to use it to access your money from an account. But the card is not yours, so you are not allowed to do whatever you want to archive here.

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Credit card: “Here I am and this is the information NEEDED to figure out what bank I come from”.
Payment processor: “Let’s have a secret conversation using encryption” .


Some versions of the Flipper firmware can read that initial conversation but isn’t enough to make a payment. No matter what firmware you use Flipper can’t break the encrypted portion. A replay attack is not possible even if Flipper could because of

. If a card says Visa, or MasterCard, American Express, or really any banking institution you are out of luck.

Ok, but what about normal NFC chips? Why can’t I write it to an actual card

You’ll have to be more specific. Some cards can only be written to 1 time. There are also different formats. What is the card you cant write data to and what data are you trying to write?