Flipper Zero was never delivered

The Flipper Zero I bought was never delivered. I tried to make contact with the company by email and I get no response. I would like to own the device but what do I do if it was never delivered? I don’t want to call my bank!

Well the Post Office just emailed me and they finally found it.


Very glad they found it! Welcome to Club Flipper!

Just out of curiosity, from where did you buy it ? Official store ?

Glad to hear that you did receive it in the end!

Could you tell me your support ticket number, so I can close your case? :slight_smile:

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Interesting, having the same issue with USPS. Ordered from flipper store (flipper devices).
How long did it take USPS to get back to you?

I can say from experience OSM can be very slow to deliver. They use their own network to transport products most of the way. USPS only does “last mile delivery” for OSM.

That makes sense. Ty.

I am also waiting for 6 month allready and got no response fro support yet. Any idea what I could do?

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Good day! I have same case. It was marked delivered but I never actually received it. I opened a support ticket but still no reply.

The USPS in Placerville, Ca. is known to have workers steal packages and it is well documented. I’m sure it is more than just that post office too…

My only solution was to get a private mailbox at the UPS store which logs every package received. So when they try to lie and say they delivered I have proof they did not.

Used to happen on about 1 out of 5 packages, but now with the private mail box (PMB) it only happened once and I had documentation proving it was never delivered to the attendant.

Got a replacement from the vender, they shipped via UPS on the replacement!

The UPS store PMB costs me a little of $200 / year

With the return address on package saying “Flipper Zero” it makes the USPS thieving employees know what to grab :rage:

My order wasn’t delivered to the Post office. I ran the tracking number and USPS said that they have created a label and waiting for my order to arrive so it can be shipped. Now what to do

I don’t know how long you waited but don’t get worried too quickly. Mine took about 2 weeks IIRC. A fulfillment company called OSM ships the Flipper from California using their own trucks and planes. Then when the Flipper gets to your state they give it to USPS.