FlipperOne not reading NFC PayPal Venmo Cards

Just got my flipper one and loaded it’s latest firmware.

I tried reading my new Venmo Credit Card however the Flipper does get any info from the card. I also tried several other credit cards like PayPal and still no luck. The cards have the NFC SYMBOL and work tap and go but the Flipper doesn’t read the cards? Why?

I was hoping to scan my multiple cards as backups and/also use the saved data of my cards.


Make sure you have an SD card in the Flipper and the firmware is up to date.

For me I go to NFC then READ. I hold the card directly under the Flipper and it reads quite fast. That does not mean the Flipper can emulated the card. That function is not possible… at least not yet. The videos of people paying with their Flippers are most likely using a less secure system some places implement and in other instances the videos may be flat out fake.

I didn’t have the exact cards you mentioned but one I tested is the PayPal debit card.