Flpper Zero Screen Replacement


I recently scratched my Flipper’s screen and want to replace it. I would like to know how can I do it myself and what screen should I buy.

Here are some links that I found but I don’t know if they are right:
TD: Flipper Zero Teardown - iFixit
Screen: 1.4 inch Graphic 128x64 LCD Module Serial SPI,ST7567,Black on White

(after replacing the screen I will add a screen protector lol)

This might be the OLD screen used in early prototyping. Not anymore. The current Flipper screen is custom and only has the serial interface IIRC.

Also unless you are absolutely sure you scratch the actual screen module after you took it apart I don’t think you need a screen replacement because you just scratched the lens.

Thanks, but how could I replace the lens?

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There is a thread somewhere on Reddit talking about this and I believe @Astra said they hope to sell replacement parts soon. I don’t believe soon has come yet however. I don’t know of any third parties selling screens but the 3D stl file would likely give enough dimensional accuracy for some to custom cut one. You would need to remove the screen and check the thickness. It’s possible you could even get a higher quality glass screen made by a third party.

Thnaks, I hope I’ll find screens that fit in…

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did this off brand screen work?