FMF music creation

So guys today I decied I’m gonna try to make some .fmf songs but when I tred to play them they just don’t work I tried the ones I downloaded and it work, I messed a little bit trying to edit the exiting ones but still no efect so if anyone could help me out with this I will link my song (413 Bytes)

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:rofl: Excellent choice! Sadly I can’t help you personally but I’m rooting for you and your success.

Thanks I hope someone is going to save this, once it works out i will upload a working version

I found the problem so here is the working version it should sound fine
also pushed it on my GitHub Repo if you want to check that out (413 Bytes)

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I can’t wait to try it later today!

Nope, still didn’t work. The music player just quit when I tried to play it.

I did get it working. I went into the file and added spacing between the notes and made them all capital letters, then it played.

Didn’t really sound like the song, but I’m no musician, so maybe I’m missing something.

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i copyd them for the note sheet but this songs needs more instruments

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I think I fixed it (367 Bytes)

Good try but something isn’t quite right still. Maybe timing or perhaps we do just need “more instruments”. There is a spot where I can kind of hear the tune. I think someone will crack this nut eventually.

I reckon if one were to tinker around with the general speed of the song and then mess around with the note timings a bit more we could get it closer to a decent version of never gonna give you up…

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