Forgot Password (how to recover)

By mistake i set up a password and i dont remember it , is there a way that i can reset the flipper ?

remove the sd, reset with back and left, when done starting insert the sd again and you should be able to edit it without removing settings files. but it is just config files on the SD so the lock is more to prevent unwanted input when playing pocket pool then a actual security feature. I think there where topics about this not to long ago, but I am equally lazy to use te search function now :smiley: Maybe this changed or I am completely wrong but I definitely remember someone mentioning something like this before.

If this is local in firmware it should be fixable with a reflash with qflipper but i think that is or was not even needed.

HMAC-SHA1 Challenge Response is a discussion involving me and a user finding Flipper not secure enough.

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I have tried what was suggested in other posts but none of them worked that is why i have opened this topic maybe someone could help me solve my issue

It would be helpful to know what you did from other posts. Else you will get the same answers again …

I’ll stick with the official way from the docs: Controls - Flipper Zero - Documentation
After a few headlines there will appear: How to reset your PIN code

thank you very much for your links i couldnt find them , managed to sort it out thanks to you.