Freebox POP remote control code

i hope this is the right place to ask…
i have this freebox pop from France, but the remote is broken before i got the flipper zero.
Should i be so lucky that anyone here have the IR code or can copy it and make it available ?
Below is a link to a photo of the remote control.

best regards

I’m not really sure what category this device fits into. Have you looked here?

Hello jmr.
Thanks fir your reply, and yes, I did look in that one, pulled them all and looked through, with no luck…

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Give this a try. Please let me know how this works as the file was crafted for you but we would like to add the file to the repository if it works.

Hi jmr.
Thanks, but it didn’t work :pensive:

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I had a lot of hope for that one. Am i correct to call that device a “streaming device”?

yes, you’re correct.
it’s running on Android .

there is an app called BOX REMOTE but if it’s possible to “extract” any codes from there i don’t know.

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Android… That’s a promising turn. Let me see if I have something.

Salut ! La télécommande du Freebox Pop fonctionne par Bluetooth si je ne dis pas de bêtises. Il te sera donc impossible de piloter la box via le Flipper

Hello ! The Freebox’s player remote works with Bluetooth… So it won’t be possible for you to control it with the Flipper

I think you misunderstand…
The remote control is a normal IR remote control.

This is just for illustration of the remote control.

You could both be correct. My TV does Bluetooth or IR. In fact the official remote has both built in.