Frequencies of my gate remotes, garage gates are forbidden to replay because of the region

The primary reason I bought flipper was because I keep losing different remotes, and saw flipper as an awesome alternative for Tesla homelink - because I hoped I could add all my remotes to it, and keep it in my car.

When I finally received it, I was disappointed that it wont let my replay any of the remotes (such as Nice Flo, etc) claiming these frequencies are forbidden in my Region.

I find that hard to believe - because that would imply using garage remotes is illegal in my country… Could this be some kind of a mistake? How do I enable my flipper to use it for the purpose I bought it? I doubt opening my own gates with my flipper is illegal.

I am currently located in Latvia for the record…

With these frequencies restricted, the device is pretty much useless :man_shrugging:

In fact, a frequency can be ‘not legal’ for free use, but used by a company, with a special certificate. And without the certificate you are not allowed to build remotes for this frequency → no cheap clones.
I don’t know if the ISM (Industry, Science, Medical) Band is a thing in your country. Interesting read to get a understanding of free and not free (but commercially used) frequencies.

I wonder, if anywhere the Flipper is advertised as ‘multi garage opener’.
I doubt this. Even if you get the frequency working (not that hard part) a lot of garage door remotes using rolling code. And the official Flipper firmware explicit denies record/replay of known rolling codes. And even if the firmware would allow the replay, you need to get the code (in rolling code) (very hard part).
The limits of the Flipper Zero is not a secret. But ask your garage door opener for the rolling code, that is a secret.

So if you are saying a tool that is not ment for your use case is not working in your use case is useless? A lot of people would be happy to get hands on a Flipper, for educational purposes.

In my country it’s sometimes referred to as “type certification”. It’s not uncommon to have restrictions on what devices can and can’t transmit on certain frequencies.

In the US, if you have a Technician Class HAM Radio license, you can legally transmit on certain bands such as the 70cm and 33cm bands (440 and 900Mhz respectively). Technically speaking, the tech license goes up into the GHz range for experimentation purposes. Refer to FCC Part 97.301 for the specific ranges allowed.

Are you also a ham? I’m an extra class ham. I have been researching ideas like APRS and Ham paging. There is a POCSAG app for the Flipper already.