FUS Secure Enclave impact

There is a warning in the Makefile and flash.py script in the firmware repo that flashing FUS will disable secure enclave functions. I’m wondering, what does that mean exactly? Will it wipe existing keys from the secure enclave and new keys will just need to be generated, or does it permanently brick SE somehow and make it forever unusable?

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It will remove all the factory keys (there’s 10 of them), making your device unable to decrypt subghz mfcodes for leeloq

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Is there a way re-add comparable keys?

No, those keys are kept secret and are non-extractable. Your only option of recovering them is buying a new flipper and transplanting its MCU into the old one

Thanks for the info thus far. Why are these codes encrypted with a private factory key?

Because they are still considered somewhat secret and we try to do our best not to leak them

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