Garage Door in Germany

Today my Flipper is just arrived and I want to open my Garage door with him.
Is it possible that the old Sender have a frequenz at

26.985 MHz ?

I can’t read the modulation.


The lowest supported frequency is 300mhz, our radio chip can’t go lower

So, unfortunately, no :cry:

Same here with a 30.875 MHz remote.

So the only way is an additional radio chip (on a module?)?


A HackRF with Portapack could read it, but it’s the size of a large cell phone, and isn’t nearly as convenient as the Flipper Zero. The HackRF One is capable of receiving and transmitting on a frequency range of 1 MHz to 6 GHz with maximum output power of up to 15 dBm depending on the band.

The latest firmware is Mayhem.