GDO-9 DynamO Garage Door

I am following the instructions laid out in this guide to the best of my ability. I wish to have a new protocol added because i am unable to access the garage with flipper. The remote runs on 433.47-433.37 (most likely 433.42) MHz and i believe has a modulation of AM650. The Remote that is used with it (Automatic Technology WTX-6v1 Wall button) Does not have its FCC ID on the remote but according to google the FCC ID is X4K-WPTC5V102B. Here is the RAW signal
G_door_small_presses.sub (37.9 KB)

I belive this is every thing if i missed something i can update this if i know what you need

this is something new, I don’t understand how there can be a signal at the same time on OOK and FSK modulation. you need to start recording in SDRSharp to see what exactly is happening and what modulations are being transmitted. your recording was faster than the same frequency. OOK as I understand it is transmitted here to 433.92