General help for a total newbie to the flipper


Ive recently bought a flipper for the first time amd im hitting dead ends with everything i try and do. Im pretty useless with tech in general and everything i read and watch is going straight over my head. Would anyone be up spending an hour on a video call or even meet in person to teach me the basics??! Ill happily pay someone for their time. Thanks in advance

Why don’t you elaborate on what you are trying to do? Make sure you have read the first start guide. The Flipper is practically useless until you add an SD card and update the firmware.

Ive done the SD card and the firmware… im trying to learn how to use all its functions now

Mainly copying my car key as ive lost the spare so only have one

See this. Your car is almost definitely rolling code.

Most people can’t find any I-buttons to play with unless they buy them. Those are few and far between. There are some other things you probably already have though.

Try the infrared to get started.

Maybe try to read your Bank card with NFC

Then give BadUSB a try on PC, Mac, or Android.

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Bank cards no longer read usefully. Just an UID.

No but they are good for the purpose of learning still last I checked. Some data is read.