German Cabinets / Schranke

Hello everyone. I’m new here. Does anyone have experience with german cabinets? We have a parking lot where I want to hack the barrier. Thank you very much.
Unfortunately, my English is not that good. The barrier to enter is opened by drawing a card. When driving out, the card must be paid for and inserted into the machine at the cabinet. Maybe someone can help. Thank you

I’m not sure we can help here. We try not to support criminal activity. Even if we did you provided almost no information.

I don’t want to do anything bad with it the barrier at the supermarket parking lot and just wanted to have some fun :smile:

Let’s go through …

Th Flipper provides IR, RFID (LF and HF), SubGHz, GPIO.

The barrier you describing is using a card … Maybe with one of the above mentioned communications, maybe not.

In Germany, and I think in the rest of the world, the parking lots should be cost effective.
You also describe you get the card, go to shopping, pay at a cash station and drive out.
RFID and SubGHz will be expensive. IR is hard to put on Cards, GPIO is complex. Most likely the card will use a barcode or maybe Magstripe.

So most likely the card has an ID printed or it will be printed at give out. The server in the shop knows ‘this card is given to the customer at time x’. You go shopping, than to the cash station. You put in your card, the station scans the card, read the ID and talks to the server. It says ‘you parked X+2h, please pay the programmed amount for 2h’. You will pay, and get your card back.
At the outgoing barrier the card will be scanned, the barrier asks the server and get back ‘this ID has payed, let out’.

Even if you are able to emulate the ID (print d or Magstripe), how will you mess with it? You need to know a ID the server knows. You still need to pay, because this is registered in the server, not on the card.

This is neither technical interesting, nor cool.

Surface duo Thank you for your message. I idiot had forgotten to mention. Yes, it’s with a barcode on the card. Thank you for your message

German parking lot barriers use one of many technologies. Magstripe and Barcode is most common. Some more obscure ones use “Magnetic cards” (no magstripe visible on the card, magnetics are inside) or ISO7816 chip-cards (card with gold contacts, old german phone booth cards used these). But I have also seen barriers using NFC cards. (If the card is collected at the exit barrier, that is a good clue the card is an expensive NFC-Card and will be re-used).

It always depends on the station you are parking. All are different. Even the same Supermarket chain will use different parking solutions at different locations. Almost all parking solutions (Magstripe, Barcode, Magcard, Chipcard) are incompatible with Flipper technologies. Only NFC could be used, maybe.

Also with most parking solutions the information if you have paid is not stored in the card. The card is only a method to store a serial number. The actual information if you have paid is stored in the parking system. The entrance barriers, the payment cabinets and the exit barriers are connected to eachother.

Use to translate this to German if you need.

TMI for all non-German readers:
Schranke → Barrier
Schränke → Cabinets (Plural of Schrank)
Probably got lost in Translation. This thread has nothing to do with Cabinets.