Getting Remote Control of Near bY Stereo

Hi all, a mom trying to teach step-son to be considerate. My son blasts his speakers thoughout the house at what i feel is dangerous levels. He is mainly doing this in the garage and having gotten many compaints from neighbors and now my landlord. Im older and he has a temper, I saw this on youtube on how i can use this to “hack his soeaker”. I honestly want to blow them out but ILL be ok if i can have remote of the volume/on/off. PLEASE HELP

As Acoustician I can recommend to take him to a hearing test. Maybe he does hear bad. Anyway, a good professional can explain the influence of loud music and the impact on the hearing in long term.

The Flipper is the wrong tool, because your idea is most likely illegal. And the Flipper does only speaks limited Bluetooth. Mainly for Maintainance over mobile and a few little BLE tasks.

If you are stumbling about jamming the signal, turn around and don’t even think about. In worst case neither the speaker of your son nor your landlord could reach you in your prison cell. This is not a joke.

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That’s ok, I’m
Willing to take the chance! Please explain about limited control?

No. I have no interest in explaining how Bluetooth works, that there are different protocols, you need the AVRCP (List of Bluetooth profiles - Wikipedia) protocol. And the Bluetooth stack of the Flipper is very basic, because it has limited memory to work with. A full BT (BLE, not BT Classic) would be possible, by sacrifice other features.

Just search here in the forum, others have answered this topic before and there are no news.

Jamming is illegal, but using 2,4ghz appliances is not, just get a mesh wifi set in every room, and replace your light-bulbs with ziggbee. There are only 80mhz of channels available , if you use them all, there is no more Bluetooth. Also using channel bonding with higher RTS values is ideal to fill the 2,4ghz band and since it is fair use, you are not doing anything illegal, just being a unfriendly neighbor. Heck , get some nice garden lights that change color on sound recorded over 2,4ghz to make sure you have a nice effect,being sure, place about 40 of these ziggbee lights around the fish-pawn and wish others in range luck with 2,4ghz.

Then again, you could have me as a neighbour, and my audio is analog, so good luck on jamming that band.

Causing trouble with noise is something the police could solve right? After a couple of consistent complaints they will just take the speaker away and you do not have to do anything illegal for that. Just calling for assistance a couple of times.

But having about 3-5 diffrent accespoints with channelbonding and high RTS , watching tv wireless is enough to end my bluetooth connection in the same room with the same channels, also i notice my own remote from lights being delayed by secconds, so just getting some wireless video feeds, maybe some extra 2,4 securitycams could be enough to waste the entire band. You just need to order a truckload of wireless devices and he will hate you very soon.