Gpio infrared extender

I want to connect an ir led to my flipper with an extender wire. Just basic soldering a wire onto an ir led. Can I connect this to my Flipper with gpio? If so how would I make the flipper know to use the gpio ir instead of the built in ir?

Open this forum. Click on the magnifying glass on top. Search for ‘ir gpio’ and find IR signal to external GPIO pin?

I don’t know if this will fully answer your question, but it looks very similar to me.

Good timing. The thread @LupusE linked was just updated.

The thread you linked shows an ir flashlight connected to the gpio peice. How can I use an ir led in place of the flashlight?

First: understand GPIO
Second: understand IR LED
Third: combine these two understandings direct or with the necessary logic.

In the Link are some useful schematics. You should know what a transistor is, how to use a Mosfet and the demand operating voltage.
Anything I can say is just theory, and if I am wrong it could fry your flipper. So I am very careful with giving generic advice to someone who doesn’t know the basics and/or is able to find mistakes in my thoughts, before hard damage to device or body parts.

Hint: specific questions are easier to answer than meta ones.