GPIO output DCF77 time synch signal with antenna wire loop (Western Europe only)


From what I found, it should be possible to transmit/generate a DCF77 signal with an antenna wire loop driven by a GPIO output.


Any code guru who can transform this idea into a FAP ?

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Not me personally but you would be surprised the wide varieties of signals you can do with a wire attached to a GPIO pin. The problem is that it can sometimes be noisy(interference) without adding filters.

take a look at this. you will need a firmware from 2-3 weeks ago with the matching api version

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Thank you!

Can click on the link but got no access to the discord channel?
Do you have more info or even an invite to this source?

Found the Discord invite here; Flipper Devices

Can you still copy whatever you found there?

Can run the FAP program. No luck yet with results.