GPIO SwissKnife wishlist

Here is a wishlist of functions for either revised Flipper, (meta-)GPIO board or simply the next “Pocket Electronic Swiss Army Knife”.

  • passive component tester like LCR-T4 (credit @robrob for idea). Reimplementing general multimeter functionality is probably unnecessary, but do if it can be done cheap to free (e.g. Battery tester and Continuity tester we already have).
  • misuse protected (resistant to overvoltage and preventing overcurrents) TTL ports (CMOS levels are not well-defined when speakers disagree about voltage)
  • power supply like this, bonus points for adjustable currents so that LEDs can be driven
  • a powerful switch, preferably isolated (dry) but a good MOSFET should work, specs roughly 40V closed, 1A open, 1W dissipated. Will be helpful dealing with RS-232 or high-voltage iButtons
  • real (not PWM or at least RC smoothed) DAC. Maybe can digitally control the PS.
  • other kinds of output connectors (DuPont pins (Flipper has holes), connector block like on PS above, alligator clips etc.)

Feel free to add your ideas.