Ground Pin (middle) out of spec

The middle ground pin on the rear does not stick out beyond the plastic, if placed on a button it will not make contact. I see this was a common manufacturing error on their website, what should I do, try and send it back or fix it myself?

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You should probably try the RMA procedure.

This is a common problem, just add a little bit of solder or use wires with GPIO (17/1W and 18/GND)

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Don’t know if you got an answer or if you actually RMA’d your flipper, but you may not have to: if you look here, you can see that the middle pin doesn’t need to be higher than the plastic (see the picture called “Pins used for emulation”). That part of the flipper goes into a recess of the reader.

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This is normal. This pin contacts the reader/key on the side, not on the top. It should not stick out of the plastic, it’s intended to be this way. If it would stick out further, it would just short out the data and the ground, which is not what you want.


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