Have unknown 125kHz tag unable to read

I’ve encountered an issue with an unknown 125kHz tag that I’m unable to read. It resembles a standard RFID tag but does not display any ID or number, making identification and interaction challenging. I’m reaching out to inquire if there’s a way to extend Flipper Zero’s capabilities to support reading, emulating, and writing this specific type of tag. I have already obtained raw files associated with it and am keen on exploring its potential uses. Any guidance on integrating support for this tag would be immensely appreciated and could significantly enhance the utility of Flipper Zero for users encountering similar obscure tags.

To start with :

  • Can you post a photo of your tag here ?
  • Can you upload the raw captures ?
  • Can you tell us if you used the Flipper App to detect RFID/NFC field to confirm if the reader it’s indeed a 125khz one ?
  • Did you try to EMULATE RAW to see if the raw capture work and if so can you tell us if the one that is working is the ASK or the PSK ?

Photo will post later
Yes uploade
RAW_fob.zip (14.7 KB)

Used and it 125kHz
I’m new with Flipper and don’t know how to emulate RAW