Having problem making .IR files downloaded work

Hi All - apologies for the newbie question. I have been downloading .IR files from the IR DB - especially the Dyson IR files as I wanted to control them with flipper. I have moved these .IR files into the infrared folder and can see them under the saved remotes together with the default Roku controller. However when I click to open any of the downloaded .IR files from the IR database - nothing opens. I have opened a few other .IR files which I randomly get from the forums and they do open - but these tend to be the simple .IR files (small size). The Dyson ones and the others I download from the IR database seem to be bigger and when I open the codes - they are also a lot more complex. The simple ones seem to work.

Thank you in advance

Please don’t get me wrong. But your question seems to be “I want to control anything, named Dyson. I’ve already downloaded something from somewhere, looks funny. Please help”
Nobody knows what is “THE” IR DB. there are some of it around the internet.

And even if I would know the source. And nobody knows what product you’ve got from Dyson. So nobody can even point in any direction.

If you’d like to go a little more specific, maybe anyone can be a little more helpful.

PS: What is ‘a small file’ or ‘a bigger one’?
These are textfiles. Just open it, find the ‘power’ command and compare.

Thank you Lupus. Apologies, wasnt familiar with what details are normally required. Let me try one more time.

I have been looking through this repository for the .IR files:
Flipper-IRDB/Fans/Dyson at main · Lucaslhm/Flipper-IRDB · GitHub

I have been trying to get specifically the below file to work on my Flipper but it doesnt start. I then tried to download a few other .IR files from this site but the ones i downloaded (other dysons) and Daikin dont work either.

The Honeywell one which I downloaded from another forum board works though and I did notice they are a lot simpler in code versus the Dyson ones.

Would this help provide more details ?


Remote_honeywell.ir (4.1 KB)

Dyson_Air_Purifier_Fan (1).ir (163.1 KB)

Yes, you are absolutely right. But this is not a Flipper issue.

Just open your ‘Dyson_Air_Purifier_Fan (1).ir’ File in any text editor.
It is HTML Garbage. I don’t know how you’ve downloaded it, but it was wrong.

Just right click ‘Safe as’ won’t work in GitHub. You need to click on the demanded file and chose ‘raw’, to get something like: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Lucaslhm/Flipper-IRDB/main/Fans/Dyson/Dyson_Air_Purifier_Fan.ir … This file works well.

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Thank you Lupus ! This is clear and now I understand why the files i was getting is large - as they are full of junk versus the actual code.

Appreciate you taking the time to help and educate !

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You were so close! After you click the file name you will see the words “raw” and “blame”. You can right click raw and “save link as”.

Thank you JMR. Appreciate the input

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