Hello Wifi Passoword

Hi I buyed the flipper zero and the Wifi module and I want to see ever Wifi password can someone help me with the setup I don’t understand how I can I setup it or where I can become a script to Get every Wifi password???

I Hope some one can help me!


sounds like your asking to see every WiFi password. This is not possible. I believe their are third party modules (If not im sure someone will write one soon) that allow you to war drive and collect things like SSID, Ch, Mac Ect… To my knowledge there is no WPA2 hack, you simply run a pcap, initiate a three way handshake and then send this off to a company that put the hash up against a major dictionary attack. There are other more systematic way with patty tables and tools to generate special wordlist based on other bits of known information you may have, but the only way to hack WPA2 is with brute force. which against the best word list out there would barely yield a 35% success rate. if it is an amature residential wifi that you can get a moment of access to you can hack WPS but if you have a second of physical access I would just drop in a hidden rouge AP of your own.


or if your asking how to use “Bad USB” to rip the wifi passwords off the machine, that is way more practical and there are tons of scripts out there to do this for you


Yes I would like to see every Wifi password but if you say that is not possible thanks for help, I see a video on YouTube to disconnect every device in a Wifi is that possible?

my question is what can i use the wifi module for?

Did you now how it works with bad usb?

Also tuto avalaible for bad usb like yt channel 401LAB

The wifi devboard is not a hacking tool, it’s just a debugger for the Flipper zero that can be used (to debug the flipper) over WiFi

You can use it to quickly flash the flipper’s firmware, run GDB commands, set breakpoints etc. It’s not used for wifi hacking, only to debug the flipper, as has been clearly stated on the shop page.


Sorry I’m not a programmer or something like that how can I understand this?

But I saw that different in Videos!

Ask the owner of the wifi network for the password. If he doesn’t provide it to you then you shouldn’t be hacking it anyway.

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it is with a third-party wifi module.

the first-party wifi module does not let you hack anything, and in fact has no support in the official firmware. it is just used to help fix issues with the firmware. I guess you might be able to reflash the firmware on the wifi devboard to use it as a deauther but i dont think any third party firmware for the official devboard exists

you could get a separate device for this (e.g. dstike deauther) or use a computer/laptop running appropriate software to deauth devices.

There are already many linux-distro loive CDs for pen testing, etc … Just get something like backtrack linux and have fun …

yeah, i was thinking something like kali linux
but anything with aircrack and similar should be fine
you need a wifi card with support for monitor mode (lets you read, but not transmit, wifi communications between clients and access points, without being connected to the same access point)
not all wifi cards support this (it isnt really needed by most) and even if they do they need to support it on your linux distro of choice (not all do, windows support for monitor mode and such is usually awful to nonexistent)

It’s called wifi promiscuous mode and many cards/Wifi USB adaptors (even very old ones) do support that and have drivers for Linux … Backtrack linux works great for that as long as you have a compatible wifi adaptor …


my laptops builtin wifi does not support it (ive always seen it called monitor mode btw, but wifi promiscuous mode seems reasonable) although my 2.4ghz-only usb wifi seems to (not sure if it actually functions correctly though, never been successful in capturing a handshake the time i tried but its possible it could work, it was a long time ago and i forgot if i actually remembered to disconnect and reconnect a device during testing)

Maybe using a USB wifi stick that does support it would help ?

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WPA2 - https://www.krackattacks.com/
WPA3 - https://wpa3.mathyvanhoef.com/

Both of these are several years old.


You’re hitting some valid points but I think your explanation is going over our friends head a bit.

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Then why not just try to replicate what you have saw in “different videos” that accomplish your stated aims? Also, as someone previously alluded in this thread if this is something beyond your technical ability and potentially naughty activity, perhaps it might not a good idea to be doing in the first place? Just a thought…