Help analyzing raw RFID capture for a Hartmann key fob

My key fob for my office is a Hartmann controls 125kHz fob and I can’t get it to read with the regular RFID read option on the flipper. I suspect this to be because its using Hartmanns specific 40-bit credential but i cant say for sure what the system uses. I’ve captured the card with the raw reader on the flipper. is there anyway to analyze the .psk .ask and get it working on my flipper. Or even to get support in the firmware for these kinds of credentials.

Are you sure it’s 125kHz and not 13.59MHz?

Yep nfc did nothing and i used the detector app on the flipper on the door reader and it came up as 125khz.

Flipper has an app for identifying 125kHz readers? I must have missed some update…

Neat. TY!

how do you get the RAW reader on your flipper? my flipper does not have any option to read RAW RFID data.

Go to ‘Settings - System’ and switch ‘Debug’ to ON.
Now is under ‘125kHz RFID - Extra Action’ the new option ‘Read RAW RFID data’ …

But this will block your flipper from deep sleep/napping for power saving. Don’t forget to set Debug: OFF afterwards.

Where does the RAW data get stored or how do we retrieve it?

EDIT Just found it in the lfrfid folder of my SD card. They are hidden to the flipper because of the file format but easy to pull once connected to a computer.

What do you recommend as an application to view the data?
EDIT AGAIN :blush: Looks like this was covered in this thread.

What I have not know these days is ‘Pulse View’.
It is a nice open source project for viewing signal files.

Is is build for logic analyser, but with some effeord it is able to display RAW flipper data, as well.
I have on my todo ‘write a How-To for topic above’ since ages. There are so many more interesting projects come up meanwhile :wink: