Help interpreting/copying Honeywell NexKey raw RFID read?

My company recently acquired a new building and - long story short - we’re temporarily stuck with access control in exactly the state the previous owners left it. We can’t add new badges or modify permissions for existing ones. What I’d like to do is see if we can copy existing badges to something like a T5577.

The readers here are Honeywell dr4208s, and there’s a combination of some HID Prox cards and Honeywell NexKey cards. The HID cards I can read fine, but the only cards with permissions we can actually use are the NexKeys. Unfortunately the Flipper doesn’t seem to have the correct format data to read the NexKeys.

I’ve got raw files from three different cards here that I can upload. One of them has permissions that are useful and the other two I’m just attaching so there are more examples if that’s helpful. I’m happy to provide any more information you might need if I can. I’m just trying to see if we can make things a little easier until the access control system here can be replaced.

Looks like I don’t have permission to upload files yet, so I can provide them however is easiest.

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I saw on another thread that people were directed to tag @Astra.