Help with flipper zero spotify integration

im just interested if somebody made a app that shows current song and media control
i dont know any coding so im pretty helpless

any help would be great

You want a 200 bucks Spotify remote? To be honest, I believe you are pretty alone with this wish based on the Flipper zero and its limited BT stack.

Use your phone to control Spotify and parallel to learn C.

Yeah building it on a flipper would be cool, but it already has BT keyboard/mouse support so you should somewhat be able to script it to being a spotify remote with current functionality.

But if you are about to invest money anyways, better get a keyboard with a lcd on it that displays the playing song :smiley:

Still the bt keyboard/mouse emulation applications could be converted to a spotify remote pretty easy depending a bit on the OS running sportify but if you already own a FZ and run spotify on other device that has BT, you could use the BT keyboard/mouse applications as a remote.