Help with Kantech garage fob

Hello, I have a Kantech P82WLS-TAG 2 Button Transmitter. It’s one of these:

I know these are cloneable with physical access and that they don’t use a rolling code because this guy offers the service and even sells self learning remotes that work with all Kantech remotes. But I already have a flipper so why pay?

The inside of the remote looks like this. Funny that the two button shell contains the four button board. The FCC id is very faded on my unit but I believe it is FCC ID LW3-CLIK64T

and sends this data over 433.92ghz (recorded 10 transmissions using my flipper)

I would be forever grateful for support. My naive attempt at record and playback did not work but I’m optimistic this is possible.

@WickedOne Did you find any solution?

Any update on this?