Hi everyone, I need a little help, unfortunately I'm not that computer literate and everything is new to me

it is about the following. I have some exe and bat programs that I need to transfer from the PC to the fz machine and then transfer those same programs from the fz machine to the computer via a USB cable. when I want to transfer exe and bat files on a flipper, it does not recognize them, and even if I would solve that part to recognize them, which application do I use to transfer these documents from fz to pc. if I didn’t explain something well, please feel free to ask, it would mean a lot to me. :slight_smile: thanks guys and girls

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Sadly the Flipper can’t easily transfer exe files or bat files. There is an easy workaround for bat files. With those you can use BadUSB to open a text editor and then write out the bat file and save it.

For exe the standard work around is to host the exe on the web and use BadUSB to send commands that download the file. You could also use a USB drive in conjunction with the Flipper.

I might have another idea but I need time to see if it works.

You need to make the binary part of the .exe to ASCII. Just like email attachments.

One way to archive this is Base64 encoding. But I am too busy to explain this in detail here. Please ask Google.
And even if you got this working, the Flipper has no Storage function if it is in BadUSB mode. Maybe in future the dual mode will be possible. But you can search for ‘exfiltration’ here in this forum, @emptythevoid and others have great ideas and POC at this approach. But you should know PowerShell to bring this together with your idea.
One hint: use MD5 checkums or other hashes.

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This would need some work to get going but I’m wondering if we could use BadUSB to start a ssh session and transfer the file. Alternately Perhaps a BT connection. It would probably require a special app or a change to firmware.

As BadUSB is a keyboard and SSH is a client, you need to download or install it on the target.
Windows provides a OpenSSH client in Features and Applications, but this is noch installed per default. This is more a Linux solution.

I don’t know if the Linux ssh client has a stealth mode. If the remote fingerprint is stored, it leaves traces.

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tnx you boys very much

It’s built in on my Windows machine. Very common on Linux too. Try the following commands

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Fascinating. I’ll have to add this to my list of research