Hi is there any chance to use flipper zero on slot machine?

i saw lot of videos, with flipper zero jamm on slot machines
same thing i saw last year, a guy with his gf, use the phone, and i saw the dolphin, he pick the bonus jamming the slot by flipper.
can sombody tell me how pls

I did see someone just using the FZ to copy a arcade card and pay with it, so it looks like he does do something magic with the FZ , but he is just paying with his own credits.

I do not know of any slot machines that actually use wireless or infrared communication to do anything that could be related to the results of the game so it sounds like a hoax.

Unrelated to the FZ there have been people making a EMP generator to trigger coin slots into thinking there are actual coins going into the machine this way, but it is prolly destroying more then giving you a real chance of winning more.