HID 0008P card format

I have a question about HID card format. I have a HID 0008P card, which is 125 kHz card. Number of card is 155914. When I read these card with Flipper, I get these data (as shown on flipper in info about saved card):

HID_my_card [HIDProx]
02 C5 1C 4C 21 50
35-bit HID Proximity
Data: 4A389842A

My question is - am I able to “connect” some of these data with card number 155914? If yes, how can I do that?
Different question - If I know number of another card (6 numbers), am I able to input this card manually into Flipper? If yes, how?

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That’s all Hex that you read so lets convert it to decimal. Remove the spaces first
HID_my_card [HIDProx]
35-bit HID Proximity
Data: 4A389842A

Use this website

We get this result.
HID_my_card [HIDProx]
35-bit HID Proximity
Data: 19923567658

That doesn’t fit so lets see what 155914 looks like in Hex.
155914 = 2610A

So far as I can see the two aren’t related. That number might not be encoded into the card.

EDIT: I don’t see a way to reprogram those cards and I’m not sure that’s possible so it probably wasn’t overwritten.

Thank you for you answer. I tried hex to dec converter before, but have same result, as you - it seems that those number aren’t related.
The number 155914 is written on the card, the whole number is 155914 21136330-1. But in access control system, where is this card used, is used number 155914 only.
When I try to read my card with reader/writer from AlliExpress, I get result 0005635224 (can upload a picture), which is much more confusing. So I have 3 formats of the same card, and just want to figure out the rules and If I am able to “clone” some card only if I know the six digits ID of the card.

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I don’t have any of those cards to play with yet but I ordered a sample. This appears to be another part number for that card. 1386LGGMN The technology appears to be ISOPROX II.
It appears there are many formats the card can be programmed with. I only see one 35 bit format so it may be the following format.
H5XXXX 35-bit HID Corporate 1000

This sounds interesting from Reddit. The mention the L but it appears to not be important.

The 0008L marking on your card indicates that it's either a HID DuoProx II (if it has a mag stripe as
 well) or an IsoProx II (w/o mag stripe). All the 0008L means is that it's the 8th revision of the chip and
 manufactured in location code "L", wherever that is.

It's a 125KhZ card (low frequency) but can be encoded in a number of different formats, up to 85 bits.
 Chances are that is is not encrypted in any way so it should be pretty easy to clone the card using a 
Proxmark3, although you're looking at a decently steep learning curve and about $80 in materials 
(including the PM3). You'll be able to figure out a lot about what's going on inside the access card 
though and clone damn near anything (that's not encrypted) which, if you like to take a deep nerd dive 
like myself is actually pretty fun and rewarding.

Alternately, you may be able to get by with one of the cheap cloners and cloning method described 
here or copy them to a Keysy fob.

I am just starting to look into something similar myself.

I did find that if I take the Data that the Flipper provides and run it through a Weigand Card Calculator set or HID 35 Bit Corporate 1000 standards I get the badge number

If I take the Data you provided I get
Facility Code (FC) of 4750
Card Number (CN) of 155914

PRI IT Tools - Card Calculator - Calculator to apply the Wiegand
35 Bit Wiegand HID (H51644) Card Format - Where I found the format to use

I am still trying to figure out how to work in reverse to take a known badge number and create a RFID stage on the Filpeer manually, or find an app for the Flipper to automatically decode the badges for me

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thank you for your help. With your post I am now able to manualy generate data for Flipper, if I know badge number.
It’s maybe complicated, but hope it works (I will check that later today at work). And how to do that?

  1. you must know Facility code, but in my case it’s still the same
  2. go to this page: PRI IT Tools - INet Calculator
  3. input your Facility code and badge ID
  4. run calculator
  5. focus on INet HEX (in picture it’s 25 1C 4C 21 5) - you have format ABDEFGHIJ (in my case)
  6. input this data to Flipper in this format: 0A CB DE FG HI J0 (so in clean it’s 02 C5 1C 4C 21 50)
  7. to verify that it’s correct you can do this:
  8. convert your badge ID and Facility code to binary
  9. put your binaries togehter in format “0 + 13 bit Facility code + 20 bit Badge ID + 10”
  10. convert this to HEX
  11. check, if it’s the same like “Data” in Flipper

Hope it will help you and that it works :slight_smile:


I don’t know if you ever figured this out or not but your card is configured in HID corporate 1000, with facility code 654 and card number 155914, the actual relevant portion of the data is 2 C5 1C 4C 21 5