HID Siemens 36 Bit - can read and emulate, but can't add manually

Hi all,

new user, first time posting.
Just received my Flipper and have updated to the latest firmware.
I have a standard HID 0008p card which is formatted in HID Siemens 36 bit.
Flipper can read and identify that it’s 36 bit format, identify the site code and credential number.
It can emulate it also. Haven’t confirmed if it can write it as I don’t have any blanks at the moment.
What I can’t do, is add a card manually in this format - it’s not in the menu.
Is this because it’s technically a proprietary format ? Or just not added yet ?


I would try to read existing card, save it, download file from Flipper, edit it in text editor (change data by hand) and upload it to flipper.

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Hi fidoid
Thankyou for the response. I had realised I can do that since my original post - very easy to do with standard 26 bit. The next challenge is to work out the 36 bit data format - the data saved doesn’t relate to site code and credential number reported - but I’m doing this to learn, so I’ll keep at it !