Hormann (Altoma) 868 HSE-2

Hello folks,
The same request for hormann gates protocol updates. The old HORMANN topic A and HORMANN topic B do not work for me, because the remote is slightly thinner and has different raw bit sequence. Plus it uses rolling codes.

My Altoma is EU version of Hormann for Czechia.

remote back cover label: 005721 0417078

And also the number of batches is 9 (not 10) as it was before.

Do not have enough experience to decode this, so i beg your help with this RAW signal.
Two Raw signals were recorded for the top button. It has 868.35Mhz and AM650 modulation.

RAW-20231117-220513.sub (8.3 KB)
RAW-20231117-220556.sub (8.7 KB)