868.350 MHz

I can’t upload files directly to the site, so I’ve attached links to a file hosting service.

when i try to upload photos of my remote and raw signal i get “access denied” error. Therefore, please contact @Nether_official or Discord Nether#1337 for additional files. I would be grateful if you contact me!

Hörmann HS5-868-BS

Hormann BiSecur

i do not think these bisecur rolling codes are supported yet, but replacement remotes seem to be cheap so it could be still vulnarable to rolljam. or if you would record it while being out of range, then play the recordings back in range could make it work 1 time for example.

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but this remote is still not scanned. Flipper sees it, but does not give the appearance that he can add it!

You could still add it raw for a single try but since its a rolling code system you cannot just replay the same old capture, this will not work. You will need to be able to extract the key and emulate bisecur coding. Cloning the remote could possible be easy cause the spare replacements are like 10 bucks? So i guess if cloning it to a physical cheap china remote is not that hard but the bisecur protocol is not yet supported as far as i know.

Well, yes, I hope the developers see this post. By the way, can you tell me how to extract the key and emulate it?

maybe github is a good place to look for options? lookup the rtl433 tool etc, or maybe at some other addon applications and collections for the flipper are already working on this topic?