How do I emulate mifare classic 1k?

I’m having some trouble emulating my girlfriend’s room card. I’ve read it and saved it (which took ages). As I was reading it, it said that 10/32 keys were found and 5/16 sectors were read. I tried the thing where you go NFC > Saved > card_name > detect reader, I collected 10/10 nonces immediately and then used to crack them using mfkey32, but reading my card again i have the same amount of keys and sectors. Can this be fixed?

Do it again. It seems the app could not generate the right codes.
Even if the Flipper is a perfect tool to read cards, unfortunately crack keys is not it’s bright side.

If the third try won’t help to read all sectors, I would try the known nested attack, but it needs a PC with a python interpreter as companion, to crunch the numbers.
Also a full battery and some time are recommended.

Once I tried this, the battery can’t be charged afterwards. I needed to disassemble the flipper (hardware), unplug the Battery, replug after 10 seconds and reassemble.
There is a thread here in the forum. But more helpful is the Flipper page at

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yeah thanks man, i’m trying NestedFlipper now and it seems to be making some good progress