How do I press multiple keys at once?

I’m trying to code something, and I need to press CTRL+T at the same time. How do I do this in DuckyScript?

Should be like the next line.

Do not add a “+” sign. I believe “-” is used between modifier key if you have more then 1. Example CTRL-ALT or CTRL-ALT T. This appears to be one difference between Duck and Flipper. The T is not a modifier so no “-”.

Second, here are docs for Flipper.

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I already tried this, it did not work :frowning:

What are you expecting CTRL T to do?

Sorry for the late reply. I am expecting CTRL T to open a new Chrome tab in ChromeOS.

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It works for me.
open_tab.txt (14 Bytes)

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Im doing the same thing but with CTRL SHIFT T but it wont work.

The docs says

I just tried CTRL SHIFT T on my keyboard and realized that command doesn’t open a “new” tab but rather opens a recently closed tab. CTRL T is the correct button combo for a “new” tab.