How do I upload the code for BadUSB onto the Flipper Zero?

I have had a look through the Flipper Zero website and I cant seem to find how to upload the actual code onto the Flipper Zero? Does it have to be stored with a specific file type? I have the code ready I just dont know where to go from there

Use the qflipper application to upload BadUSB scripts to your Flipper Zero: qFlipper - Flipper Zero - Documentation

The information is under the Mobile app page, the qFlipper page, and the BadUSB page. Summary below.

It’s just a text file. You could upload it to the Flipper a number of different ways. I usually use the qFlipper app. Drag and drop. More instruction or on the qFlipper page.

  • SD Card/badusb

IOS/Android App

  • Options >> File Manager >> ext >> badusb (Upload Button top right corner)

You can also remove the sd card and put it in a PC/Mac/Androis/IOS device. You may need an adapter to do that. I would only use that option when doing many files though. @LupusE created some scripts to help manage many files easily.

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copy the badusb scripts in to /badusb folder on your SD card either by qflipper or directly by using sd card adaptor and try to open badusb flipper app, you should see the scrips and sub folders of /badusb

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