How long to Charge Flipper Zero

Hello just received my Flipper Zero. How long does it take to charge?

No idea but the battery life is awesome if you just turn it off when not using it

Mine came with half-battery life. I charged it via USB for about an hour and it was topped up. Haven’t had it long enough to know how long that will last.

Thanks to both of you for your help. Very much appreciated.

I would say until it’s full and then next time when it’s empty which will take easily week or few.

When you charge it the LED will be RED and will change to Green when fully charged. Mine lasts more or less 2 weeks and i charge only when i’m at 10% or less. I turn it off during the night but i use it hugely during the day with stuff that requires lot of battery power like brute force radion (keeps sending radio signal), i leave it scanning frequency for hours, etc … so yes, 2 weeks of battery life is very good.

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