How to analyzed RAW RFID data?

is there any one who can help me decode these files plss

You need to send them to @Astra to see if support for your card can be added to flipper.

Hi @Astra I’m new here so excuse the lack of knowledge.

I have a Urment 125kHz RFID card that I can only read in RAW. I can see that many people are trying to read these cards too. Can I submit the raw capture to you/dev team to have a look at and potentially update the database to read these in the future? :slight_smile: One of the main reasons I brought the Flipper Zero. Really awesome device nethertheless. (104.8 KB) (132.3 KB)

hi @Astra can u plz help me analize this raw files? i was trying to read my ski lift pass and it didnt pick up under the rfid only able to pull out raw ask/psk

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Hi @Astra Appreciate the great work you do here. I have a RFID fob key used in a condo building that I read in RAW hoping the dev team can have a look and have future support for these types in future for flipper.

Will send you a PM


Hi @Astra (8.9 KB)
This is the data from the sticker on my car, when I drive up to the entrance to the yard, the barrier opens.
Other methods fail to copy data.

that would be uhf my friend

Good afternoon @Astra , I’m new here and I would like you to help me with this file. Thanks very much friend!!! (45.5 KB)

Hello, all and @Astra ! Just starting to get into the Fipper and tried my condo’s RFID tag and failed out of the gate, and after some reading it looks like here’s the best place to address and/or get more info. I’m attaching a .zip file of my raw reads on both ask and psk. (127.6 KB)

could you share it?

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