How to CLONE Mifare Classic 1K 4byte UID card :

Tested this with food dispenser card on my work and it did work.

  • READ the card with NFC - READ and MAKE SURE you read all sectors/have all keys. Save the file.

  • Go to Applications - NFC Magic and run it. You need RW NFC tags. Got some very cheap from ebay and they work fine. Check magic tag with app to make sure you have a compatible Gen1A tag.

  • Optional - use WIPE function to clear the tag/card. I did this just for fun and test to read it out, even finding all keys the sectors are blank and UID is something like 01 02 03 04 when my tags are formated.

  • Now use WRITE. Chose your Mifare classic saved file. At thismpoint app only supports Mifare classic 1k with 4 byte UID. This will write UID and vendor info, with correct checksum. Checksum of UID is calculated by xor (exclusive OR of first byte of UID with next one and so on till the checksum byte. Don’t worry about this, app will do it for yourself.

  • Now you have a copy of the UID on your magic tag/card but no data so go to NFC and open your saved file and now do a WRITE TO INITIAL CARD. Place the magic card there with the same UID … Magic card should support normal WRITE command used on official original Mifare … so what this does is to write the mifare classic data on the MAGIC CARD …

You can check it out later by reading the copy / clone and compare the saved dump with the initial saved dump of the original card … I did test even using icopy and NFC PM5 reader to dump original card and cloned card to make sure that the dumps are 100% equal and they are …

So … it does work and the cloned tag did work on my food machine as it was the original card or a cloned card with otrher tool …

So far so good …


Hi, Can you please send me the link to the tag that worked?

Read the same tag with your phone, see if it has locked blocks or security options, if it is just the UID , you should be able to replicate the same without a problem, if the tag has other contents, it depends.

try this :

Sorry for my ignorance, I googled it, but for the life of me I can’t find out how to figure out the number of bytes of my tag. How can I do that?

Never mind, in my case I see a UID of XX XX XX XX, and I believe this is a 4-byte UID. Will try this method soon!

It worked perfectly, thanks!

  1. NFC β†’ Read β†’ read and write UID number
  2. back - add manually β†’ Mifare Classic 1k 4bytes UID β†’ enter uid number β†’ save
  3. exit the NFC app and go to apps - > nfc > NFC Magic
  4. check magick tag β†’ more β†’ write β†’ select the saved file with the uid number - continue