How to configure debugging in VSCode? [Breaking on Wrong File]

When trying to debug in VSCode/VSCodium my breakpoints are hitting the wrong file?

Here’s the steps I’ve taken so far:

  • Cloned the initial repository
  • Ran ./fbt vscode_dist and installed/removed all recommended extensions
  • Put the FlipperZero into Debug Mode (Enabled Heap; if it matters)
  • Ran USB Flash w/ Resources via Ctrl + Shift + B
  • Once complete, set a breakpoint in flipper.c:flipper_init() and connected to the Wifi Dev Board via BlackMagic
  • Ran Debug w/ BlackMagic

The result in this instance was the debugger breaks on the loader.c file and I can’t step through the code I want to step through. When I press play no other breakpoint is hit.

Do I need to setup source mapping of some kind? I don’t see any other suggestions online on how to fix this or anyone else mentioning this issue, but there is not a lot of discussion on debugging.